Leiden A daytrip to Leiden

Posted on June 17, 2013

The city Leiden is located at a short distance of airport Schiphol and Amsterdam. Leiden is an attractive city to visit and is easily reached by rental car or public transport. The center of Leiden is very pretty, with beautiful buildings and plenty of opportunity to have a drink along the canals.

Leiden poem

It is recommended to follow the so-called poem routes (in dutch). 101 poems have been painted on house facades between 1995 and 2005. The route allows you to have a relaxed walk and brings you to some of the nicest spots of Leiden and you will encounter about 25 of the poems.

Leiden castle

The castle of Leiden is located near the end of the walk. The castle of Leiden is placed on a man-made hill, originally intended as a dry place to hide from a flooding Rhine. Don’t forget to climb the hill in order to enjoy the beautiful view over the city and the prominent church (Hooglandse kerk).

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